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Dr. Rath was RIGHT!

A clinical trial published in November 2013 found that long-term supplementation with multivitamins and selenium for HIV-infected patients in Botswana reduced the risk of immune decline and illness.

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Donations to Wikipedia

Where does the money go?

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A So-Called 'Free Encyclopedia' Controlled by Special Interest Groups

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Cementing the Status Quo

Wikipedia: Free access to the sum of all human knowledge – or just another way of cementing the status quo?

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The Soros Connection

One of the most notable of the Wikimedia Foundation's supporters is the so-called "Open Society Institute", founded by the chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC, George Soros.

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About Dr. Matthias Rath

Dr. Matthias Rath is a medical doctor and scientist, and a global advocate of natural, affordable, and effective health care. He is the founder of a scientific and medical Research Institute that has become a leader in the emerging field of science-based natural health.

Dr. Rath’s scientific discoveries and the scientific contributions of his research team are targeting the natural prevention and significant reduction of today’s most common diseases, including cardiovascular disease and cancer. The massive scientific advance of Dr. Rath and his team in this area is already entering mainstream medicine. This progress in health has become a major threat to the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical business – that is dependent on the perpetuation of diseases as markets for its patented drugs. The transitional nature of this research – and its consequences for mankind – have been summarized in a recent lecture by Dr. Rath presented in Warsaw, Poland.

In his role as a pioneer of this scientific transition in health care, Dr. Rath has become the target for the attacks of the status quo, i.e., the pharmaceutical investment business. It is a significant fact, that the multi-trillion dollar investment businesses in the areas of pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals, i.e., the Oil and Drug cartel, are controlled by the same financial groups.

It is the analysis of Dr. Rath and his team that these two transitions of mankind, the liberation from the dependency of oil and patented drugs, cannot be separated. Hence, his strong advocacy in the area of alternative energy, as reflected in his recent public statements in the New York Times.

Key areas of scientific contributions by Dr. Rath and his team

Dr. Rath’s Contributions as a ‘Conscience of the World’

Over the past two decades Dr. Rath has shared the fate of other transitional persons. While trying to advance health and prosperity for all mankind, he became the target of fierce opposition by the Status Quo – here the Oil and Drug Cartel.

By challenging him, the Cartel compelled Dr. Rath to investigate the history of the Oil and Drug investment business. What he discovered is of greatest importance for this and future generations:

The Oil and Drug Cartel has been responsible for the largest crimes in recorded human history.

In its attempt to maximize profits and control the world the Oil and Drug Cartel became the organizer and primary profiteer of

These facts are documented in the historic records of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal against the Oil and Drug Cartel IG Farben (BAYER, BASF, HOECHST). Amazingly, these records – exposing the Cartel as the driving economic force and profiteer of WWII – had been hidden away in archives for seven decades.

After WWII, with its second attempt at the military conquest of the world lost, the Cartel regrouped and launched the so-called ‘Brussels EU’ – finalized in 2007 – as a new powerbase to control Europe – and ultimately the world. The blueprints for this political body – essentially a construct cementing the dictatorial rule of the Cartel over Europe – were taken from the Nazi/Cartel drawing boards and implemented by former Nazi officials. The details of this amazing take-over of an entire continent are documented in the Book ‘The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU’.

For its tireless pursuit in raising global public awareness  about the corporate interests as the driving force of WWII, the Dr. Rath Foundation was awarded the ‘Relay of Life’ recognition by survivors of the Auschwitz concentration camp. Their mandate ‘Never Again!’ is the motive for Dr. Rath’s Open Letters in the New York Times and a guiding principle of his commitment for world peace and justice.